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Title: Clint The Neveda's Loner / Clint el solitario (Alfonso Balcázar, 1967)
Post by: The Hunchback on 03 Nov 2007 - 05:06

I have been underwhelmed with the release of the two Clint the Stranger movies (released by wild east). They are just average entries to the genre really.

This is the first of the series.

George Martin stars as the fast hand gunslinger, Clint, who has been exiled by his wife for becoming an outlaw. Years pass before Clint runs into his wife and son again. Clint's wife makes him hand over his pistols and promises him that she will leave him for good if he kills again.
Unfortunatly her timing is bad because they are being bullied by the local land baron to sell their property or be forced to leave their settlement.
With no help from the law (typical) Clint once again takes up his six shooter and goes out to settle things his way.

It's an fine story that is let down by mediocre action sequences, a poor score and a very irritating child (Clint's son).
Fernando Sancho makes the best of his role as a ruthless gringo ( a first for him) who works for the land baron. There is a good fist fight in a saloon but a poor gunfight and showdown at the end.

I don't like Martin. I thought he was the weakest link in Pistol for Ringo and it's sequel (both have an excellent cast!) and here he doesn't fare much better.

Imdb reviewer doesn't say much about it and Italian DB has no review.

Worth a look but average at best.
Sequel is superior but not by much.
Title: Re: Clint The Neveda's Loner/Clint el solitario (Alfonso Balcázar,1967)
Post by: LANZETTA on 09 Nov 2007 - 21:30
I agree with pretty much everything you say Hunchback,it's a very average western but i'd say that the sequel directed by George Martin(i like him actually) is much much better in the Italian/Leone style whereas the first film is quite American in style.

Still it was great to say  Marianne Koch in a sw outside of FISTFUL OF DOLLARS and she looks much more attractive without the panda eye makeup. 8)