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Title: Bad Inclination / Cattive inclinazioni (Pierfrancesco Campanella, 2003)
Post by: bloodvamp on 07 Dec 2007 - 20:56
This film takes a lot of heat as being considered a virtual remake of every good giallo thats already been made True, the plot is a retread of better films aka Argento etc but i enjoy this film immensely and play it often. Its about an infamous highly publicized murder and the media frenzy that erupts as a result. It stars Florinda Balkan,Eva Robins with a brief cameo by Franco Nero. It has an excellent music score and is packed with gory killings,ample nudity and lesbianiam,whats not to like? The Shreik Show dvd isnt bad and has some good extras. I dont think many have seen this but id like to hear comments from those who have.
Title: Re: Bad Inclination/Cattive Inclinazioni[Pierfrancesco Campanella,2003}
Post by: Delirium on 12 Dec 2007 - 21:38
I can't comment yet - but I too read some scathing things, so just had to pick up a cheap copy myself. I don't know, I usually find something to like in the cheesiest of Gialli. May give it a watch soon if I get round to it!