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Title: Il bestione (1974, Sergio Corbucci)
Post by: Pollanet on 20 Jan 2008 - 13:07
perhaps more a comedy than a crime movie... however one of the best road-movie made in italy in the 70's

the story tells about two truck drivers, one from south italy and the other from north italy, their difficult life and their dream to a have an own 'bestione' (TIR)

good action scenes (Remi julienne... perhaps) and some excellent songs by Guido&Maurizio De Angelis, as 'MMM??!?' that I tried to compile in Attori a mano armata... but i was unlucky 8)

anyone knows this movie/this music?

Title: Re: Il bestione (1974, Sergio Corbucci)
Post by: Stephen Grimes on 20 Jan 2008 - 16:56
I've never seen this one but it looks interesting,just been reading on IMDB that its English title is THE BEAST and it was shown on UK television back in the 80's on Ch4!!Anyone remember it?

There's a few clips from it on Youtube,you're right about that excellent De Angelis soundtrack Polla. (

One to track down i think.