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Title: Dynamite Joe / Joe l'implacabile (Antonio Margheriti 1967)
Post by: Jonny on 08 Jul 2007 - 09:48
So, what did I think of 'Dynamite Joe'?

Had a bit of a chuckle when I saw that the lead character was played by a guy called Rik Van Nutter, who I must say looks a bit like a young Dick Van Dyke...

Nice to see Margheriti's trademark miniatures being swamped by a massive flood! You don't see that to often in a Spaghetti Western!

Well it wasn't that bad actually. If I'd seen this on a Saturday afternoon when I was about 8 I'd have fucking loved it! The Dynamite Joe character is some kind of James Bond type scallywag, though he comes across as a bit of a lecher in some scenes, with cringe inducing lines like "Give us a kiss darling, it may be our last chance"...

And being called 'Dynamite Joe' he has to live up to his name and so pretty much everything that he carries, watches, guns, has a hidden feature ie. it will explode!

Some annoying scenes in various Saloon's where some can-can singer keeps crooning Doris Day type musical numbers, not a big fan of singing in films I did manage to avoid hitting fast forward though....

The version I watched was fullscreen taken from a Greek VHS release. Pretty average quality, would be interesting to see what a nice 'scope ratio DVD looks like.
Title: Re: Dynamite Joe/Joe l'implacabile (Antonio Margheriti 1967)
Post by: LANZETTA on 08 Jul 2007 - 11:43
I'd need to see this again,but i remember the opening scene being real memorable with Joe decked out in a poncho and  taking out a bunch of guys with his dynamite but it goes downhill after that. :-\
Title: Re: Dynamite Joe / Joe l'implacabile (Antonio Margheriti 1967)
Post by: Italo-West-Fan on 29 Sep 2012 - 08:41
I found, that Rik van Nutter looks like Anthony Steffen !
Good western, but not really special...