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Title: 24 Hours of Terror / 24 ore di terrore (Gastone Grandi, 1964)
Post by: bdc on 20 Mar 2009 - 19:34
Watched this some time Italian from a not very good tv-recording.
Well at first I was thinking I got the wrong one since it all starts like a gangster-movie.
The gangsters are expecting a delivery of cocaine but a secret agent has infiltrated the gang.
It all moves very very slowly but eventually the story crosses over in giallo land.
Some-one appears to be bumping of the gangsters while they are waiting for the delivery in the home of their boss.
Despite the very slow start, the last half hour was better (not great),also helped by the fact that it re-used music from Metempsyco!
I probably also should mention the movie looks like it's been made very cheaply.
I would only recommend this one to giallo-buffs who want to see every giallo made...