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Title: A... come assassino (Angelo Dorigo, 1966)
Post by: bdc on 20 Mar 2009 - 19:43
Watched this a while ago,unfortunately the only way to watch this obscure movie is an Italian tv-version in Italian.
Fortunately my Italian is not that bad.
I found this to be an enjoyable early giallo with no real gothic influence except the castle setting and the fact that in some scenes the ladies walk around with candlesticks...
The story:
when a very rich man is found murdered,the whole family is reunited for the reading of the will (it's actually a tape made by the deceased).Only some of them will get any money...the ones that are still alive after staying for a month in the castle.

And here's a short description from Adrian Luther Smith's Blood and Black Lace
"A... come assassino depicts a chain of murders perpetrated in a sinister castle after the mysterious death of a rich old man... Forget Agatha Christie, this is a delirious Italian whodunit! While the relatives are trying to frame/kill/double cross each other, there is plenty of fun for those in an altered state of mind: the convoluted, byzantine plot twists become more and more laughable, while Dorigo stumbles upon every single mystery movie cliché since The Cat and the Canary, and midway there is a five-minute flashback of everything we've just seen in the previous forty minutes. The title refers to a dagger with an "A" carved on the handle which plays a very important part in the mystery... The final solution is so wacky and gratuitous it's simply irresistible. For entertainment value, this movie is much better than Dorigo's companion piece Assassino senza volto (1967). Producer Walter Brandi wore fangs as the bloodsucker in Piero Regnoli's Playgirls and the Vampire as well as playing the (wooden) hero in many Sixties Gothic horrors (he was great in Bloody Pit of Horror)."
Title: Re: A... come assassino (Angelo Dorigo,1966)
Post by: giallo joe on 20 Mar 2009 - 19:51
I have the film on dvd-r and enjoyed it immensely. Nice to see an official dvd release of this obscure gem.
Title: Re: A... come assassino (Angelo Dorigo, 1966)
Post by: Johan Melle on 27 Mar 2009 - 19:13
Sounds like a really fun film. It was filmed at the famous Balsorano castle and I believe this is the only leading role ever played by the attractive Mary Arden.

Does anyone know if there are any obscure video releases of this, or is that Italian TV screening the only known version?
Title: Re: A... come assassino (Angelo Dorigo, 1966)
Post by: bdc on 29 Mar 2009 - 11:14
I would think the Italian tv version is the only one available,but i'm not 100% sure...