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Title: Bury Them Deep (Paolo Moffa, 1968)
Post by: LANZETTA on 17 Jul 2007 - 21:40
Craig Hill plays a bounty hunter who is hired to by the army to retrieve stolen gold from Billy Gunn(Ken Wood) and he rescues Gunns brother Chaleco from the noose to help him out.While tracking Gunn the two partners encounter a Mexican gang headed by the vicious Kordero and the movie soon develops into a series of  protagonists switching sides and theres plenty of great action throughout.I think some of this may have been filmed in Italy as i seem to  recognise watery scenery from Parolini's Sartana.Special note also to the excellent score provided by Nico Fidenco.

My rating 8 out of 10  :)
Title: Re: Bury Them Deep(Paolo Moffa,1968)
Post by: The Hunchback on 17 Jul 2007 - 22:50
I'll have to take another look at this because I remember being bored to tears within the first 20 minutes and shutting it off.
Title: Re: Bury Them Deep (Paolo Moffa, 1968)
Post by: Mart85 on 18 Jul 2007 - 11:24
Yeah I didn't really like this one either.  I remember there been a fair bit of recycled footage from other spaghetti westerns.