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Title: Ultra Rare Japanese Demons box set for sale
Post by: smileysmile18 on 03 Sep 2009 - 15:57
Yup, I'm selling my copy of the Japanese Demons 1 + 2 box set. This came out in 2004 and was limited to 3,000 copies. Contains both films, plus a replica of the mask, as well as replicas of the invitation letter and the theatrical pamphlet. I'll try and get a photo up, in the meantime the following pic is the only one I could find on the web.....

My copy is not in mint condition, I'd say excellent condition. It has been opened, and there is some slight creasing on the box as a result of it being poorly packaged when it was sent to me. Again, I'll try and get some snaps up in the next couple of days. I was gonna put it on Ebay, but thought I'd give you guys on the forum a chance to make me an offer first.