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Title: Various DVDs for trade
Post by: broonage on 20 Jan 2010 - 18:35
Hi folks,

here are some dvds i'm looking to trade. The Bronx Set is actually a double (don't worry Jonny I'm well chuffed with the one i won!!).

The copy of Emergency Squad is gone.  :P

All in English unless stated.

Stephen King:
Pet Sematary (French)
The Stand (French)
The Langoliers (French)
Room 1408 (UK Sp Ed)
Golden Years (French)

L'insolent (French, Excellent Euro Crime with Henry Silva, French only)
Pathfinder (UK, violent Vikings outing)
Killer Instinct (French, horror, French only)
Bronx Warriors (US, Media Blasters)
New Barbarians (US, Media Blasters)
Ninja Mission (Rare Swedish release of this classic that i got from Aarron, watched once. I'd want something similar in rarity )

Not looking for crazy trades, so for example I'll give you two/three dvds for one (except the Ninja Mission and Bronx Set).
I'm after Noshame, Blue Underground, Raro, MYA, titles.
Specifically after Severin's The Eroticist, bah, in fact i'm after anything really. lol
Title: Re: Various DVDs for trade
Post by: broonage on 22 Jan 2010 - 15:05
Bronx Warriors set is gone.  :P