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Title: Bullseye (Michael Winner, 1990)
Post by: Paul on 19 Jan 2012 - 10:27
Watched this comedy caper again for the first time since its rental VHS release in 1991 - it's not a great film but it's quite funny in places and is carried along on the charm of its stars, Roger Moore and Michael Caine.

Caine and Moore star as a pair of crooks who are tasked with impersonating a pair of scientists in order to get hold of their secret plans to create free energy. Suffice to say the plot thickens at regular intervals (think farce) and various racial sterotypes crop up along the way. All said, it's an enjoyable hour and a half if you can overlook some of the less PC aspects of a somewhat dated film.

The fullscreen DVD release from Optimum (licenced from MGM) is shockingly poor for a film of fairly recent vintage. The fullscreen image is bereft of much in the way of vivid colour and is quite grainy for the most part. Really not much better than VHS, albeit for slightly enhanced sharpness.