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Title: One Woman's Lover / Donna è bello (Sergio Bazzini, 1974)
Post by: Mark GW on 23 Jan 2012 - 13:31
I was sorting through a pile of old tapes and found a copy of this Joe Dallesandro film.  It's dubbed into English with no subtitles and runs around 70 mins (IMDb gives it a running time of 93 mins), so it appears to be severly truncated.  Does anyone here know anything about it?
Title: Re: One Woman's Lover / Donna è bello (Sergio Bazzini, 1974)
Post by: Mark GW on 07 Mar 2012 - 13:41
Finally got around to watching this, so here goes.

A head scratchingly strange little film not helped by jump cuts caused by print damage and censorship.  Run time according to IMDB is 93 mins, quite a bit longer than the 65 minute version I watched.

The plot basically concerns Octavia, wife of a farmer (a communist and away in Russia) who also works as a maid in the home of the local aristocrat (who farts profusely).  She discovers man-on-the-run Walter who has collapsed from exhaustion in her barn.  While he recuperates he proceeds to have sex with her in unusual ways much to the annoyance of her Fred Scuttle lookalike retarded son Pietro.  They also meet up with a hippyish motorcyling couple whose randy female protagonist takes an instant shine to Walter and whose celibate male protagonist dishes out some weird “food” pills as part of a daft plot twist.  As Walter’s political past catches up with him and Octavia self-confidence is re-awakened the film spirals into a bizarre climax.

I think I do need to watch this again to try and make sense, if any is made to be of this, quite odd film.

More plot description can be found from the amusing Google translation of the following review at (

“Octavia, wife of a farmer and a maid in the house of an earl implicated in plots black, from whom he had a retarded child, if an affair with a neo-fascist terrorist. Strage finale. Final Massacre. È un dramma nebuloso e pretenzioso che assomma una serie di presunti "messaggi" non ben identificati che cadono nel vuoto. It is a nebulous and pretentious drama that combines a series of alleged "messages" unidentified falling on deaf ears. Abbondantemente condito da violenza ed erotismo, Ferréol e Dallesandro sprecati. Peppered with plenty of violence and eroticism, and Dallesandro Ferréol wasted.”
Title: Re: One Woman's Lover / Donna è bello (Sergio Bazzini, 1974)
Post by: Mark GW on 07 Mar 2012 - 21:21
Here are some screenshots: