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Title: Betty Lennox (Macchie Solari/Autopsy/The Magician) SPOILERS
Post by: Ritterbag on 16 Aug 2013 - 01:30
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why Edgar killed Betty Lennox? I mean, I know she got cold feet on the whole thing, but he already got the will off her. It's not even as if he could have been afraid Gianni might reveal the whole thing to Simona now the will was out of his hands to make Edgar look bad, because Gianni had been blackmailing him, and that made him look as bad as (or possibly worse than) Edgar, so he wouldn't have brought it up. I mean, sure, he doped Betty up, but what's she going to do about it? She was leaving anyway, and if she ever came back and tried to stir up trouble, he could just laugh in her face and call her a slag.

I only ask because I LOVE this film, and this occurred to me the other day after I'd been watching it (again...), and I wondered if anyone else had noticed something I hadn't...Edgar, if only you'd just pushed her into the gutter and left her that night after you got the will, everything would have been fine! Killing her was the start of your entire downfall!