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Title: Giallo request - Does anyone have these?
Post by: Jonny on 18 Jan 2014 - 15:01
Does anyone have copies of these?

Madness—Gli occhi della luna (1971) directed by Alfredo Lupo

Questa libertĂ  di avere... le ali bagnate (1971) directed by Alessandro Santini
Title: Re: Giallo request - Does anyone have these?
Post by: DjangoLi on 18 Jan 2014 - 18:51
Madness: Gli Occhi della Paura (

Seems it's directed by Cesare Rau - produced by Lupo films.

The plot, three psychopaths escape from an asylum and fall in with a bunch of hippies, proceed to take LSD and realise the place they now find themselves isn't much different to the asylum they escaped from. No doubt there's a bit more to it than that.

Just under the review it states the film was screened in 2010 at the 'DBCult Institute', from 35mm. (

More info: and curiously, like 'All on the Red', we now get a completely new genre, 'spionaggio' (Espionage) which doesn't really fit in with the synopsis above from the DBCult review (?)

It also mentions that the film was considered 'lost' until a print was discovered in the Bologna film archives in 2007. Previously, only one copy was thought to exist, owned by the director who passed away in 1990.

That's about all I can drum up.