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Title: Django Strikes Again (1987) directed by Nello Rossati
Post by: Montgomery Wood on 18 Oct 2016 - 03:32
Dear Folks,

I recently acquired a copy of the Anchor Bay 2disc edition of Django ( my 3rd copy of this on DVD  ;D & Django Strikes Back mainly for the latter since this was a film I longed to see and as of this writing have not yet seen!

My question is about Nello Rossati who intrigues me. He released two movies back to back shot in I believe two Latin American countries, for Django I believe he shot in Santo Domingo, and for Topline also known as Alien Terminator I believe he shot this in Colombia  which must of been wild back in the late 80s...but I digress

What am I after is more information on Nello Rossati I know he shot a movie with Ursella Andress and Jack Palance  and some other stuff before but both of these Franco Nero films back to back are quite amazing, and truly underated masterpieces.

Is there any GOOD print of these on DVD/LASERDISC/BETA or VHS?

also since Django Strikes Back also stars Chris Connolly will there EVER be a nice release of Raiders of Altlantis on DVD?