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Title: Colt in the Hand of the Devil
Post by: Commissario Walter Grandi on 06 Nov 2016 - 10:50
The movie begins at a prison camp in the desert. Jeremy Scott saves Roy Koster (Robert Woods) from the bullet of an angry warden. Scott dies soon afterwards, but with his last dying breath, he reveals the name of the place he came from: Silvertown. Koster, after his release from the camp, decides to visit Silvertown and see the family of Scott. However, he finds the town to be rather hostile, even the relatives of the deceased. Nobody wants to speak to him, the only one who does is hanged and Koster begins to suspect that Scott was innocent, thus the truth about the deed he was sentenced for is still hidden. The town is ruled by Warner (George Wang) and his gunmen, and when Koster starts investigating, he quickly makes a lot of enemies...

This was screened last night on the UK satellite channel Movies4Men in an English dub. Thus far, there has been a cut Italian language DVD and a longer Italian language VHS that is appalling quality. There is also a composite of the two with custom subtitles uploaded on to CG but I think this is still missing some footage.

I am sure that Movies4Men will rescreen this. Could any UK based members or anyone that has access to this channel do a recording and upload to CG or elsewhere? Thanks.