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Title: Cannibal Terror (Alain Deruelle et al., 1980)
Post by: KommissarX on 08 Sep 2017 - 20:56
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Also included as KIDNAPPING in the Eurociné catalogue. Just rewatched this after many moons and I wonder if the English language releases have the proper credits intact. My X-Rated disc has cheap newly generated titles, pasted on top of a freeze-frame while Nico Fidenco's score to EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS is blasting away. Well, at least it is more fitting than Kraftwerk's "Roboter" on PRIMITIF of the same year. Can't believe this is how it should be, though. Does anybody know?

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In case you haven't seen it: This is the pits, the bottom of the barrel, utter, total and complete dreck. Even Franco's cannibal adventures look like towering cinematic achievements compared to this disjointed and amazingly inept snorefest. I am not even sure shortening it by 50 minutes would make it more palatable. Am I making any sense when I say that this is what amateurish DTV trash looked like back then when DTV was still shot on film?

I have to say I was quite perplexed when I found this sort of mini making-of on youtube:

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While the running time is very short, the clip mentions quite a few aspects of the film that also struck me as particularly odd (for example the silent film feeling). Too bad we don't get a behind-the-scenes picture of Koko (, the painting gorilla, doing all those wonderful face paint designs for the cannibal tribe!  :-\