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Title: Cool It Carol! (Pete Walker, 1970)
Post by: Paul on 31 Aug 2007 - 08:52
COOL IT CAROL! is a film of two halves, coasting between a couple of genres that would at first appear to be strange bedfellows: the sex comedy and the social realism picture. It is to Walker's credit that he pulls it off, though not entirely successfully.

Carol (Janet Lynn) and Joe (Robin Askwith) are a couple of kids sick of their mundane, day-to-day lives, stuck in an undisclosed rural community. Leaving behind their dead-end jobs, they make for London; a place Joe is fond of recanting stories of a previous visit and the job that awaits him there. Carol—who won a beauty contest the previous year—hopes to become a model. With only the £20 given to Carol by her father for spending, it's not long before they're skint, hungry and desperate. That is until they decide the only way to bridge the gap until she is paid for a modelling assignment, is too turn to prostitution...

COOL IT CAROL! is an entertaining couple of hours, but the film's very serious subject matter feels ill-at-ease with the comedic interludes, which arrive when least suspected. The film's saving grace is that of the gorgeous Lynn, who injects enough charm to pull the character off. Askwith on the otherhand, is wooden for the most part, though one does get used to his lack of acting ability as the film progresses.

This isn't as accomplished as Walker's best work, though it's still a decent enough film with some interesting ideas and the characters' dilemmas are never skirted over in favour of the light relief.