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Title: P'Tang, Yang, Kipperbang (Michael Apted, 1982)
Post by: Paul on 25 Sep 2007 - 10:01
P'TANG YANG KIPPERBANG was first brought to my attention during an assembly in middle school. Out headmaster urged us to watch the film, as it had been shot in the school and was showing on TV that night...

Fastforward some twenty years plus, and the flick has finally been released on DVD (yesterday, courtesy of FilmFour). It's an amiable coming-of-age tale that finds a cricket-obsessed kid trying to connect with the girl in his class that he has a crush on. This is no lost masterpiece but it's a gentle romantic programmer that pushes all the right buttons, with a cast of mostly unknown actors (besides Allison Steadman, Eastenders' Pete Beale and him with the big nose that used to be in The Bill) working from a good script and turning in believable performances.