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Title: Taste Of Death (Sergio Merolle, 1968)
Post by: LANZETTA on 08 Oct 2007 - 15:22
A gang of murderous cattle rustlers, with their stock,are stranded in the mountains by severe snowy conditions.Led by the sadistic Skaife(Bruno Corazzari),the gang seek refuge in a nearby town inhabited by peaceful farmers.Sheriff Ransom(Raymond Pellegrin) rightly suspects that this gang mean trouble and despite (initial)firm  opposition from his adopted son Tony(Andrea Giordana),takes it upon himself to drive out the troublemakers.It transpires that one of the gang Dan El(John Ireland) just happens to be Tony's real father and following the swift death of the Sheriff  teams up with his son(under the pretense of being Tony's fathers friend) to free the town from Skaife's tyranny.

Heavily influenced by  GREAT SILENCE this enjoyable snowbound western has a similar apocalyptic tone to Corbucci's masterpiece.In this film the "bandits" are for real,they are there to bleed the town dry,and Skaife acting like a Nazi commandant proclaims the townsfolk to be "no longer men,they are my hostages" and forces them to fell trees etc in order to build a coral for his cattle.As Tony,sporting a look similar to Silence with furry collared overcoat,picks off Skaifes men one by one,in reprisal Skaife organises mass hostage executions.

Amongst this doom and gloom there is light relief provided by Ireland and Giordana (displaying great chemistry ) as the fatherly Ireland character teaches his son gun play including shooting a snowman to pieces.With an  excellent musical score from Francesco De Masi i rate this one 8 out of 10. :)
Title: Re: Taste Of Death (Sergio Merolle,1968)
Post by: IL COMMISSARIO on 08 Oct 2007 - 18:32
Do I have this one, Sean? It sounds great!
Title: Re: Taste Of Death (Sergio Merolle,1968)
Post by: Mart85 on 08 Oct 2007 - 19:03
I'm gonna have to watch this one again sometime because I couldn't get into it but it seems to be rated by a lot of people.  That said i remember liking the RAMBO style guerilla warfare Giordano's character uses in the woods.  :)
Title: Re: Taste Of Death (Sergio Merolle, 1968)
Post by: LANZETTA on 08 Oct 2007 - 23:33
Well i'd been sitting on this one without seeing it for several months and was very pleasantly surprised.My dvd contains only  a pan and scan video tape print but i can imagine this movie looking quite stunning with the proper widescreen treatment. :-X