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 on: 08 Sep 2020 - 09:38 
Started by AlbertoSordi - Last post by Jonny
Nice one Alberto!

 on: 08 Sep 2020 - 08:56 
Started by Inspector Tanzi - Last post by Funktion
Another member and I very recently made fansubs for the German VHS in CG.
Thanks for the heads-up (and for your efforts, Commissario Walter Grandi).  ;)

It's great to see the "community" working to preserve these films.  8)

 on: 08 Sep 2020 - 08:54 
Started by AlbertoSordi - Last post by Funktion
Thanks for the heads-up, AlbertoSordi.  ;)

 on: 07 Sep 2020 - 23:25 
Started by AlbertoSordi - Last post by AlbertoSordi
I didn't see a thread for this giallo so I thought I'd start a new one.

Someone kills Claire and her bairn so her husband enlists a look-a-like of his dead wife to trap the killer responsible. Well, there's a bit more to it than that... :P

This one's a real mystery to me, Piu Tardi, Claire, Piu Tardi (lit. Later, Claire, Later) was supposedly shot a few years before its eventual release in 1968 and then simply disappeared. It has never had any kind of home video release and I'm still pondering if it ever achieved any kind of theatrical release at all in Italy? There is zero promotional material for this one, no posters, locandine, stills, lobbycards, etc... absolutely nothing. Well, as far as I've been able to establish so far... I'm hoping someone might read this thread and offer some input... or an Italian poster?!

One explanation for this could be the fact that it was sold overseas... Digging around the web there are mentions of the film having had a theatrical and television release in the USA (under the utterly ridiculous and thoroughly deceptive title 'Run, Psycho, Run') Aside from people commenting that they watched it on late-night cable TV and mentions of cinema screenings - there are also posters from the times floating around the web. My theory is that it was possibly sold overseas to cover the cost of the production so an Italian release was unnecessary - It was also very unusual (correct me if I'm wrong?) for a black and white film to be released in 1968? By that time everything was in colour which would have made it much harder for a distributor to sell.

Copies have been floating around online for at least a decade or more but a better copy surfaced last year - available to (legally) watch online via the Minerva (Raro) Youtube channel Films&Clips. All credit to them for saving this film from total obscurity.

Definitely one of the most challenging films I've ever subtitled... and it's also one of the last few gialli (from the classic 60s-70s period) which isn't available in English. Again, it's surprising that we haven't seen a copy of the English dubbed export version (which also seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth)

In the meantime, the film is here (there are various online sites you can use to download it - I think I used clipconverter)


Please don't forget to like/subscribe to show your support - these two Youtube channels have unearthed some real gems of forgotten cinema over the years.

English fansubs here:


(I got it wrong, it's still Minerva (Raro) but it's the sister channel KultMovie, not Films&Clips)

 on: 07 Sep 2020 - 22:07 
Started by Commissario Walter Grandi - Last post by Commissario Walter Grandi
I am looking for an English dubbed version of Last In, First Out aka L’orde et la Securite du Monde, a French spy thriller starring Bruno Cremer, Donald Pleasance, Dennis Hopper and Joseph Cotten. It was released on a Greek VHS with an English dub, but there may be other releases. Thanks.

 on: 07 Sep 2020 - 22:00 
Started by bruce holecheck - Last post by Commissario Walter Grandi
The UK pre cert has a proper English dub. Some versions have a French dub with some English dialogue. Does the French BluRay have an English dub?

 on: 07 Sep 2020 - 21:57 
Started by Inspector Tanzi - Last post by Commissario Walter Grandi
Another member and I very recently made fansubs for the German VHS in CG.

 on: 05 Sep 2020 - 18:26 
Started by MarcMorris - Last post by Jonny
Looking forward to seeing this in HD.  :P :P

 on: 05 Sep 2020 - 16:12 
Started by Inspector Tanzi - Last post by Collins
They have really upped their output over the last few years. I'll be picking this one up as I've missed out on the blood castle tape a few times.

 on: 04 Sep 2020 - 16:08 
Started by Inspector Tanzi - Last post by Funktion
Mondo Macabro just announced a Blu-Ray release of Jorge Grau's Ceremonia Sangrienta (aka Legend of Blood Castle), with pre-orders starting next month.

It will be great to finally have this one is HD.  8)

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