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 on: 30 Dec 2016 - 18:50 
Started by AlbertoSordi - Last post by mondomedia
wow - thank you for the link! do you know where I can the Subs for the film?

 on: 29 Dec 2016 - 14:13 
Started by AlbertoSordi - Last post by AlbertoSordi

Director Jorge Darnell made about a handful of films (and most of those in Mexico) but here we have what looks like a genuine Italian-Mexican co-oproduction. Most of the crew is Italian and the cast features a trio of 70's regulars, Mimsy Farmer, Luigi Pistilli and Fernando Rey - all whom turn in some really great performances, and a nice soundtrack from il maestro Riz Ortolani.

IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0171304/reference

Sergio Fuentes is a bored fisherman who decides to take the dangerous trip across the border into the USA and see what life is like on the other side... Cynical and downbeat just about every step of the way, life for immigrants in 1970's New York is as brutal as it gets with everyone looking to beat up or exploit a Mexican.

Having endured a year of Mexican bashing from Mr. Trump on TV I think this film is more relevant than ever. There are also some great location shots of what I'm guessing is 42nd St, complete with cinema marquees  :P

Based on some simple web searches this one seems to have passed just about everyone's radar - probably because, until now, we only had an old Italian VHS or an even more obscure N. American release also on VHS (Monterey Video) which I've not seen any trace of.

Luckily, Minerva/RARO come to the rescue posting the film in HD 1080p (possibly, either way it looks great) on their channel:



 on: 28 Dec 2016 - 18:44 
Started by Jonny - Last post by babybreese
I think hardcore fans will find value in this,
but still hope ( like I do ) someone picks this up and does it justice. 
New viewers are likely to be less picky.

The CRI source looks extremely sharp providing great visuals, but audio could be much fuller,  the English track sounds a tad anemic.  I had never seen the US cut before outside of broadcasts ( always cut ), but the damage was worse than I feared as all scenes of violence are relieved of their highlights / climaxes.
The film's top 3 set pieces nutted in exchange an all ages GP rating  ???

Scream's Extended Cut is another frustration, as they use several minutes more of SD footage than required in their composite.  Why they chose not to use all of the HD transfer for the Extended I'll never understand, beyond a few seconds or so.   
One unnecessary 2 min section of SD material in the Extended Cut has a bad audio sync, not present in the HD version.  How this happened is not clear, Scream blames their source.  Whatever it was, it was fixable but possibly budget & / or time ran out?

 on: 21 Dec 2016 - 18:54 
Started by bloodvamp - Last post by g053584398
Those screenshots look top notch, but what else do we expect when it comes to Camera Obscura?

 on: 21 Dec 2016 - 18:50 
Started by JoseADiego - Last post by g053584398
I watched the DVD, rather than the Blu-ray, the other week and it looked pretty good to me. Whilst far from my favourite giallo I did enjoy the extra level of sleaze and brutality. And since getting hold of Code Red releases is such a pain in the arse, I decided that the X-rated release was the way to go for me.

 on: 15 Dec 2016 - 18:24 
Started by the blob - Last post by babybreese
Another nice surprise, a longer cut has been uncovered as suspected

 on: 15 Dec 2016 - 00:58 
Started by babybreese - Last post by the blob
So it looks to be probably some mutant TV version before any violence was cut. Seems it had a failed preview and the director's cut would be something else with maybe also some other footage that isn't present and not necessarily everything that is.

 on: 13 Dec 2016 - 19:45 
Started by babybreese - Last post by babybreese
So, Walter extended the rights, the film looks great, has never before cut scenes, & the BD is available at the new Ronin web store.......

.....and the film has an alternate ( apparently ) tv friendly audio track that replaces curse words which is a major bummer.  I doubt Scorpion can afford a recall, we'll see what happens.

 on: 13 Dec 2016 - 14:06 
Started by JoseADiego - Last post by demented_uk
A huge step up indeed. Just took a peak at the Blu and I'm shocked at how good it looks. Not sure whether a film like this should be seen nicely remastered; it needs to be grimy and dirty!

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 on: 12 Dec 2016 - 18:23 
Started by JoseADiego - Last post by babybreese
It's a huge step up from what we had, but a large part of the film does sport a a greenish tint on the top upper third of the image.
It is not always there, some shots seem to be completely free of it.
Some other shots it's not noticeable due to what's onscreen.
Then there are loads of times where it is very noticeable ( to me anyway ),
& if Code Red can give me a better picture without green hues....I will jump.

Here are some caps I took where it jumped out at me

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