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Anthropophagus and Liverpool trading standards

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Hi all,

I think I read somewhere about a raid in the 80s where copies of Anthropophagus were seized (liverpool I think it was) as it was believed to be a snuff film.

I am trying to find out as much as possible about this with the view to putting together an article about the video nasty era.  So any info will be gratefully received.  Particularly interested in dates, so I can track down copies of newspaper coverage of this, any scans of newpaper articles regarding the raid, cover scans from the offending vhs, oh and any books that refer to this, preferably ones in print so I can order from powells, amazon or wherever sells them.

I am not the worlds greatest googler but so far the internet has turned up nothing at all. 

My other related challenge is to find out as much as possible about the cannibal holocaust court case where it was alleged that CH was a snuff film- but thats for another day :)

I am hoping to put out a one off paper (fanzine/magazine) covering this as a spin off from the bloody italiana blog selling at production cost price plus postage, but first its info gathering time and this forum is probably the best starting point.

so any help would be appreicated my email contact details are linked to my profile on

I hope to tie this lot in with an article my brother wrote some time ago regarding the snuff scare and get the lot off to a printers for a small run to sell, maybe 100 copies.

I am only doing all this as it seemed to big a subject to cover in blog posting though if printing proves too costly I might just create a small webpage where it can be read. (maybe in pdf).

though I kind of like the idea of a magazine format as it is something to keep,

anyhow thanks for taking time to read this :)


Nice one herman, if I find anything out that I think you might be interested in I'll be sure to let you know sir.  :'(

Stephen Grimes:

--- Quote from: herman on 31 Oct 2007 - 20:13 ---
I am trying to find out as much as possible about this with the view to putting together an article about the video nasty era. 

--- End quote ---
Have you read the 400 page SEE NO EVIL(Headpress) book which covers all this subject including the court cases?

Not read that book, is it worth a purchase Stephen?

stephen thank you thank you,   ::)

I will track this down straight away.  With a tightish budget I had to make sure I get the right books, this seems to be a great start.  At some stage I m going to have to get off to libraries to get newspaper articles on this but I am sure the book will point me in the right direction. 

thanks again, I had a feeling you would come up with something as your occasional comments on our blog are always insightful and point me in the right direction regarding films to track down, without you I would not have got around to ordering new godfathers from trash-online,  ::)

anyhow, off to find that book....


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