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Between Your Legs (Entre las piernas / Entre las jambes)

Bloodbath at the House of Death - Release date 23rd June '08


Education Anglaise

Fausto 5.0

Grindhouse Trailer Classics

Grindhouse Trailer Classics vol.2 - Release date 23rd June '08


London Voodoo

The Ugliest Woman in the World (La mujer más fea del mundo)

January 2008 will see the Nucleus Films launch of NAUGHTY, a new DVD label catering to fans of erotica, which will be mainly sourced from European licensors.

The first  two releases will be the very sexy EDUCATION ANGALISE (Jean-Claude Roy, 1982) and DRESSAGE (Pierre B. Reinhard, 1985), two titles which sold exceptionally well when originally issued on UK video in the 90s in heavily BBFC censored versions.

The new Naughty DVD releases will be fully uncut, 16x9 enhanced and come with optional French with English subtitles or English dubbed versions. Trailers will also be included.

Expect some nice surprises from this new label!

Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing these Marc.  :'(

R-T-C Tim:
Sounds interesting. French erotica is so classy!  ::)

Not heard of either of these films before, are we talking Emmanuelle (1974) style "artistic" erotica, or "Black Emanuelle" style sleaze?

Out and out sleaze.  ;)

Both tiles were originally issued on the Jezebel label back in the 1990s - but both were quite badly cut. The BBFC have now passed both tiles completely uncut.

Ben Cobb:
Really looking forward to these Marc. Would love to cover them for Channel4 website - let me know when you've got screeners available. I have a particular soft spot for Dressage. Think I told you on the phone but I saw it at the cinema when I was on a French exchange in Perigeaux. My exchange student took me with a bunch of his friends. We bought tickets for the Schwarzenegger/DeVito film Twins and snuck in to the adult screen. It was quite an eye opener! That French exchange really was an education in lots of ways but that's another story and not for this forum!


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