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High Crime / La polizia incrimina la legge assolve (Enzo G. Castellari, 1973)

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One of the forefathers of the Italian Cop film. Though Steno's EXECUTION SQUAD pipped it to the post as the first, Castellari's film certainly laid the foundations that many later cop flicks built upon. Obviously influenced by THE FRENCH CONNECTION (even down to the casting of Fernando Rey), HIGH CRIME takes the gritty premise of William Friedkin's seminal film and adds lashings of pleasing action.

The film is in desperate need of a decent DVD release...

I picked up last week a cheap video of this movie under the MARSEILLES CONNECTION title,and though the tape has seen better days it didn't detract too much from my enjoyment of this brilliant movie which i understand is largely instrumental in inspiring the explosion of Italian crime thrillers.
Franco Nero is Commisioner Belli(not the pen pushing type,definately a street cop) who along with his boss have been for years gathering evidence to nail a large drugs ring.There are two gangs in operation ,and the newer of the two,including a murderous mole from the older gang,is trying to take over the territory.Theres also an insider in the police force.
Belli's boss is murdered ,his family are at serious risk,but he's determined to totally nail these gangsters.Theres car chases galore,excellent fight scenes, long shoot-outs and Nero turns in a superbly convincing performance as Belli.The musical score by the De Angelis brothers is effective and similar to their brilliant score to STREET LAW.
This movie needs a decent dvd release.  :)

Somebody has made a fandub of the Japanese disc! Anybody has it? ???

I really need to revisit this, its been a really long time and I only have a Greek tape which is fullscreen and in German language! BU should have released this one along with the other Castellari crime titles!


--- Quote from: vigilanteforce on 06 Jul 2007 - 23:08 ---Somebody has made a fandub of the Japanese disc! Anybody has it? ???

--- End quote ---

I have the Pre-Cert UK tape and the dodgy 23rd Century DVD too - which goes under the MARSEILLES CONNECTION title and looks like it was copied from VHS.

I just saw this film again I have it on the 23rd Century DVD.

The film is by far Castellari’s best crime film IMO, and one of the best Italian crime films at all.

The soundtrack is also great, I think it’s going to be one of the next things I have to purchase if it’s available on CD that is.


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