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High Crime / La polizia incrimina la legge assolve (Enzo G. Castellari, 1973)

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I seriously doubt Dorado Films will ever release HIGH CRIME on DVD or Bluray. They only own 4:3 TV prints and I think they only have TV rights. Why would they spend a dime out of their own pocket to remaster a widescreen theatrical print when they can just sell their DVD-R's for $6.00 like they've been doing?

Studio Canal is starting a brand new line of titles, under the banner "Cult Classics".

One of the first titles is a Blu-Ray release of High Crime (La polizia incrimina la legge assolve), out next month of June 6th.

Early info on retailers mention Italian and English audio, and English subtitles, an exclusive set of art cards, and the following special features:

-A Criminal Conversation - Enzo G. Castellari Remembers High Crime:
A newly filmed interview with the director of the film, exploring the production of the film 40 years ago.

-The Scene of the Crime - An Interview with Roberto Girometti:
A newly filmed interview with the camera operator and long term collaborator of Castellari on his experiences from the film.

-High and Dry - The Stuntwork of Massimo Vanni:
A new featurette on the creative stunt choreography for the film.


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