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Author Topic: Romanzo Criminale (Michele Placido, 2005)  (Read 25708 times)


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Re: Romanzo Criminale (Michele Placido, 2005)
« Reply #60 on: 18 Apr 2015 - 12:35 »

Bizarrely, we were in an area on the other side of Rome (around the time it was being screened on TV) doing our shopping and two young guys came in and held up the supermarket at gunpoint. When I think back on what happened I honest to god think it was, perhaps, in part inspired by the series - the way the guys were dressed, the way they behaved, it was like something straight out of the series... I should point out that while these two guys entered and pointed a gun straight at the cashiers head I was in a daze chucking our shopping on the conveyor-belt... after about a minute, without really looking up, I'm about to moan at my wife and ask her why she isn't doing anything - and then I saw the gunman standing there and the cashier shitting himself something rotten. I just stood there, frozen solid like everyone else, they took their cash and scarpered on a moped. It wasn't even remotely traumatic, just plain weird... the whole thing must have lasted less than five minutes. That was my Romanzo Criminale moment, for sure.
At least you were safe  ::)

That's the funny thing about it - I don't think either me or my wife ever thought our lives were in danger, not even remotely. The odd part is that they were very well dressed, young - but fashionable, if you get the idea. That's what reminded me of Romanzo Criminale when I thought about it later. When you're in a hold-up you'd expect the guys to be (at the very least) a bit unhinged and, you know, scary... these guys were the total opposite.

At the end of it all, me and the mrs' were probably more upset that we couldn't actually finish off buying our shopping because we didn't have the exact amount, it was late, and were bloody starving. There was no hanging around waiting to give a statement either, the staff were just "Yeah, you may as well go..." - totally indifferent to the whole thing.

Rome isn't armed robbery capital - it's a perfectly safe city... but I just can't help thinking two guys were sat at home boosted by Romanzo Criminale and thought "Hey, let's give that a go!"
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