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Lady Frankenstein / La figlia di Frankenstein (Mel Welles, 1972)

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I read a while ago that the uncut version was coming to DVD - does anybody have any news?

I wish I did, as this is one movie I'd like to see wrenched from the public domain so that we can finally see a decent, uncut release. Maybe even remastered?

Was it the special edition from German Anolis which was announced at the DVD Maniacs forum? Apparently the people behind the label asked the moderators to remove the thread because production was in such an early stage.

R-T-C Tim:
I have read a few rumours about it, dating back a long time, but no positive news of yet.

I really hope to see it soon, the US print (which I watched through a fog of print damage) makes for a very interesting film, highly reminiscent of a later era Hammer production.

Richard C:
I'd like to see an uncut print of this one too but haven't seen it mentioned anywhere that one is due soon.

Anyone spot the gaffe in this film involving one of the crew members? I noticed that it hadn't been picked up by IMBd so I posted the following:

Think I've got a copy somewhere at home and I'll try and post a pic if I remember....


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