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Author Topic: Death Walks in Laredo (Enzo Peri, 1966)  (Read 3449 times)

The Hunchback

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Death Walks in Laredo (Enzo Peri, 1966)
« on: 07 Jul 2007 - 08:32 »

Review for...
"Tre pistole contro Cesare"

This is an odd ball spaghetti. Just as goofy as "heads you die, tails I kill you" but far more entertaining and better, despite it's lower production values and it's less capable director (Carmineo is far better than Enzo Peri)...

The story is of three strangers drifting into the town of laredo to proclaim their rightful inheritance to a gold mine that each of their fathers left them...but wait! We later find out that these three strangers are from the same father with different woman...thus making them siblings.
They are quite a strange trio indeed...each of them have their own little gimick. White Sibley (Thomas Hunter) carries an arsenal of gadgets including a four barrled revolver, his asian half brother Kato is a master of martial arts (The weakest gimick) and finally his french brother Devereaux uses the power of magnetism to stop baddies from using their pistols .

Together these three caballeros use their gadgets, fists and jedi mind tricks to stop the corrupt town boss who has stolen their father's land.
The town boss is Julius Cesar Fuller (Enrico maria Salerno) and he fancies himself to be THE Julius Cesar. Some may think that he is an excellent baddie but I dont. He is quite memorable but he fails to be threatening, he kinda just sits around barking orders at his lackies until he is finally disposed of at the end (surprise surprise). His Surroundings are far more interesting then he is...he's house is like a Roman palace complete with indoor bathing house, elevator and scantily clad woman who "service" him.
It was surprising ( and disappointing) to me that he did not have a large gladitor arena outside in his back yard. It would have been nice to see him pit our three heroes in a ring with bulls and some of his best men, or maybe against eachother (ala Baldi's "Hate Thy Neighbor")? Oh well...wishful thinking for the remake.  ::)

The main theme to the movie is campy fun. The rest of the soundtrack I don't recall

The action scenes are well put together and their is a lot of them. There is not a dull moment in the whole film.

The acting is what you would expect from the likes of Thomas Hunter...Terrible. He is best suited for silent films rather then talkies. the rest of the cast is of little mention except for maybe Salerno as the memorable (but hardly threatening) Cesar.

On special mention their is a great cat fight between two woman about an hour into the film. Not to be missed!


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Re: Death Walks in Laredo (Enzo Peri, 1966)
« Reply #1 on: 07 Jul 2007 - 22:49 »

The memorys fading slightly with this one,but i love the daftness of  Julius Caeser(Salerno) in his palace,the 3 brothers  different as chalk and cheese but each having their own particular skill,and the campy whore number is wonderful.

I gotta put this on again real soon. :)
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