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Author Topic: Swindle / Squadra antitruffa (Bruno Corbucci, 1977)  (Read 3460 times)


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The third in the 'Nico Giraldi' series sees the start of the injection of more comedic elements into the series, this is the first of the films to feature a 'Batman' style boing when Venticello (Bombolo) gets his head bounced off a wall, at least as far as I can recall anyways...

This time Nico's pet mouse Serpico has his own house which is home to his wife and family, one of his children is called Perry Mason and they all live happily in the swish pad on a table in the middle of Giraldi's apartment.

Con artists and insurance scamming is the name of the game this time around and Insurance investigator David Hemmings is sent over from Lloyds of London to aid Giraldi with the case. Giraldi also sports one of finest heads of curly long hair I've seen since the hey day of Kevin Keegan

Not a bad film at all and certainly has some great moments, there's a cracking foot chase over some rooftops, aided by a really cool G & M de Angelis score (is this on CD?) Also as the action briefly de camps to San Francisco there's the requisite car chase down the famous steep city streets...

And it really wouldn't be a Tomas Milian/Giraldi film without the now standard flurry of eccentricity, this time around he's seen carrying around a pot of 'Slime' so he can do the old giant string of snot from the nose trick and a nice choice of bed time eyewear...

My copy isn't too good, looks like it's from a Scandinavian VHS release, widescreen and in English. Would love to see a better copy. Might pick up the Italian DVD someday.


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Re: Swindle / Squadra antitruffa (Bruno Corbucci, 1977)
« Reply #1 on: 11 Feb 2008 - 19:02 »

I really like this movie, particularly the scenes in San Francisco where Hemmings and Milian show us a few tricks of the swindling trade.


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Re: Swindle / Squadra antitruffa (Bruno Corbucci, 1977)
« Reply #2 on: 11 Feb 2008 - 19:27 »

I love this film, so funny, Milian in those glasses, i couldn´t stop laughing! there´s a lot of gay-jokes that wouldn´t work at all today, and Milian does some incredible dancemoves, and then meets a girl with exactly the same blue jeans outfit.
Jonny, your copy is from Finland.
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