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Come cani arrabbiati (Mario Imperoli ,1976)

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Stephen Grimes:
Anyone else a fan of this sleazy and very brutal crime film about 3 teenage robbers with a penchant for raping their victims?Great funky soundtrack esp. the closing credits music and also featuring Paola Senatore as a sexy cop,seems the only version about is the very rare and expensive Italian language tape from Greece.


Great film  Stephen !!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

I have a copy and I love when I saw it..



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Stephen Grimes:
This is a very nasty scene,shocked me a little when i first saw it  :o

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Great trailer. I'll second Jonny - if anyone has a copy, I'd love to see it.

Just finished watching this. What can I say? Great movie that's just crying out for a DVD release and I'm sure if it got one it'd instantly gain cult sleaze status that's been given to similar films like 'Night Train Murders' and 'Terror'.

Nice to see Annarita Grapputo, who I last saw in Lizzani's 'Teenage Prostitution Racket' (Storie di vita e malavita), playing it nice and sleazy taking her clothes off a lot and generally sleeping with every male cast member. Always had a soft spot for her and she looks as good as ever in this.

I'd imagine that seeing this with a decent transfer and in it's correct Techniscope ratio would really transform the viewing experience somewhat, it looks quite well made and not as cheap as I was expecting.


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