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The Black Panther (Ian Merrick, 1977)

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Excellent British film based on the true exploits of Donald Neilson aka The Black Panther who became Britain's Public Enemy #1 in the mid 70's due to a string of bungled Post Office robberies where he shot pretty much everyone he ran into. After failing so badly at holding up Post Offices he then kidnapped a 16 year old girl who had just inherited a load of money...

Why the hell hasn't this had a DVD release? Featuring a script by 'Mark Of The Devil' director Michael Armstrong this is quality 70's British crime film and is very well acted and made

I've only ever seen this via the old Intervision pre-cert. Also quite fascinating for me as most of Neilson's Post Office raids were carried out in the area where I live and I remember quite vividly the newspaper headlines in the local press at the time.

I've got the UK pre-cert on Intervision. I'll have to dig it out and scan the cover. I got it signed by Armstrong too.

I'd certainly be up for buying this one on dvd.

I watched this today: thought it was really good and a cut above a lot of other British crime films from the time. It’s very gritty, with an almost docudrama kind of feel.

Here’s the Pre-cert cover, by the way:

CAUTION: Here be spoilers!

What struck me as very strange is that most of those that Neilson tried to rob fought back, resulting in him shooting them. I thought that this was really bizarre. Different era, I guess, but there are many people in this day and age that would run the risk of a sawn-off shot gun shell to the cranium for money that’s insured.

Mr White:
Is there any chance  i could get a dvdr of somebodys Intervision tape? :D


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