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Mondo Macabro (USA)

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Kevin Coed:

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--- Quote from: fenriz on 14 Jan 2011 - 16:54 ---death walks at midnight!

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Wasn't this incorrectly framed but the NoShame one was correct?

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Yep. The NoShame disc is 2.35:1; the MM disc was 1.77:1 or thereabouts off the top of my head - I flogged my disc a while back.

Yes but for me this one has the french audio track! :-\
the better is to have both!

So yes there is/was an english side of mondo macabro??

these dvds doesn't appears anywhere on the official MM website!

nude princess,death walks and iam sure there's some other titles... :)

Kevin Coed:
Oh yeah, it started out as a UK label. Aside from DEATH WALKS the only two other titles I can remember (there was only a handful of them) are ALUCARDA and DR JEKYLL VERSUS THE WEREWOLF

Kevin Coed:
Just came across their old site which gives more info on releases.


Ahah yes thanks very much! :P


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