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Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films that Ruled the '70s (2012)

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Upcoming documentary by Mike Malloy... inside info, anyone?  :-X

I'm sworn to secrecy, I do know that there's plenty of great interviews already filmed and in the can though.  :D

Sounds great.  It's about time something like that was done on Italian crime films.  :'(

Great! While we're at it, how about a BLOOD AND BLACK LACE-style book on Italian crime films?

Yeah, word on my doc is spreading a little more lately, especially since I added the page on imdb. It was suggested I go ahead and do that, as I have informal representation at Marche Du Film (Cannes), and the imdb page will help legitimize the project in some people's eyes. Nonetheless, I'm hoping we can be discreet about it while it's still in production, and not post off board about it for now.

But I'm glad you guys know; I can't think of a more fitting bunch to be in the "inner circle."

Here are some frame caps from my recent on-camera Q&A with signore Nero, whom I interviewed in Miami (through the arrangement of this board's The Hunchback):

Again, I'd appreciate it if you didn't repost the image off board. But thanks for being interested! I'm going to make this one helluva feature-length doc that will really capture the spirit and excitement of the genre -- my obsession of the past three years!


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