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Author Topic: No, il caso è felicemente risolto (Vittorio Salerno, 1973)  (Read 41759 times)


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Well that is a major oversight on someone's part, if indeed the tapes still survive.

On an unrelated note, did anyone else spot the moustache continuity error towards the end of the film where it magically grows back for one scene when he's at the police station and then promptly disappears again?!


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I thought it's not a continuity error but that they glued him a new one for the lineup so the witness could identify him and not be confused by his new shaved look.


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Finally in my dirty hands


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Watched the CO blu today. Brilliant stuff, refreshing and original
Dig that groove baby.


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Arrow will release the film on Blu-Ray (UK and US) in June, as part of a box called Years of Lead: Five Classic Italian Crime Thrillers 1973-1977.

The boxset includes:

-Colt .38 Special Squad / Quelli della calibro 38 (Massimo Dallamano, 1976)
-Highway Racer / Poliziotto sprint (Stelvio Massi, 1977)
-No, the Case Is Happily Resolved / No, il caso è felicemente risolto (Vittorio Salerno, 1973)
-Savage Three / Fango bollente (Vittorio Salerno, 1975)
-Like Rabid Dogs / Come cani arrabbiati (Mario Imperoli, 1976)

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