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How about a thread where we can post when we've got items up on eBay (I don't see SMFBuy on the toolbar anymore) with a link to our seller's page (or links to the relevant individual items)?  I wanted to put this suggestion to this forum because I really haven't had that many buyer's outside of North and South America so I wonder how visible my listings are.  I've got stuff up this week but didn't want to post any links in case that was a big no-no here.

No reason why members can't post them in this thread. I've no problem with forum members doing this so go right ahead.

LAURE (Severin DVD)

COUNT DRACULA (Jess Franco, Arthaus 2 DVD)

NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS (Aldo Lado, Shameless)


Not sure if anyone's interested, but I put a couple of nice Japanese DVD sets on eBay last night:

Fistful Of Dynamite Wooden Box

Lee Van Cleef Macaroni Bible Collection

Here's a link to my eBay sales:

Keep checking back each week as I'm selling off heaps of stuff. There will be lots of euro-cult mixed in there too.


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