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I watched the Italian NoShame DVD late this evening. Really good police procedural/murder mystery/action movie with strong direction from Martino. It wasn't too terribly difficult following along with the Italian subs although a couple parts were lost on me and about an hour in the subs became out of sync for about 10 minutes. Top class movie although more demanding fans seeking violent thrills might be put off by this one.

I like very much this movie, it was also one of the first crime movies I watched on tv when I was child...

italian critics says about this movie that is ridicolous, 30 years ago as today, I don't agree in any way

Martino was probably the greatest director taking events from reality and mixing them in a story, and La polizia accusa is probably the best movie about 70's secret service deviance, underground fascist golpe and so on

Seems that this movie had a great success in USSR, unfortunately AYP dvd is bad  :)

Stephen Grimes:
There's also an English fandub of the Italian NoShame disc,as Polla said the image isn't great but it's a superb crime/political thriller and along with MILANO TREMA my favorite by Martino.
Btw has anyone managed to subtitle the 2 interesting documentaries on the NoShame dvd?

Funny you should mention subtitling the docs as there's a nice 24 minute interview with Dardano Sacchetti on the MARK IL POLIZIOTTO DVD that looks really interesting. Maybe DjangoLi would be up for doing a few of them?

I have seen this (the noshame fandub) I can't for the life of me remember it though. I just ran off a copy for a friend so I might revisit it.

My memory worries me sometimes :(


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