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Author Topic: Quatermass and the Pit (original TV series)  (Read 1963 times)


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Quatermass and the Pit (original TV series)
« on: 02 Jul 2008 - 18:03 »

I been trawling through some tapes in storage and come across recordings from the orignal TV series (1958) from Quatermass and the Pit such as Halfman. I can't remember how I got these but must have come from the BBC's archive. Were these ever released?

Also been looking at the uncensored print (with real human birth) of No Blade of Grass before it was submitted to the BBFC; a cracker of a movie.


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Re: Quatermass and the Pit (original TV series)
« Reply #1 on: 04 Jul 2008 - 20:43 »

They're out I have the set which has the one remaining episode of the first Quatermass plus the scripts for the whole series on disc one, the complete Quatermass II and Quatermass and The Pit. It's a great set, highly recommended. I also have the ITV Quatermass set with John Mills playing the man himself, a real strange one that!


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Re: Quatermass and the Pit (original TV series)
« Reply #2 on: 13 Jul 2008 - 20:02 »

QUATERMASS AND THE PIT was also released on videotape in uncut episodic form whereas QUATERMASS II first appeared in the DVD boxed set.

Aren't there 2 episodes of THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT still in existence in the DVD set? I havent checked mine - just going from memory, which could be wrong  ;D
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