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Author Topic: Cowards Don't Pray / I vgliacchi non pregano (Mario Siciliano,1969)  (Read 3181 times)

The Hunchback

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Review for...

"Cowards don't Pray" (aka taste of vengeance)

Garko stars (pre Sartana) in this dark and bleak spaghetti western.
Garko's wife is the victim of a rape/murder. He joins up with a friend to seek revenge. When Garko kills the men he believes to be his wife's murderers he becomes deranged by the blood shed and becomes a violent outlaw. Eventually his friend has to take him down.
This is a wonderful character piece with plenty of action.

The main problem with it is the direction is not very consistant. Some segments are ****** beautifully while other segments suffer from the direction being very amatuerish. One or two of the action scenes arent very well put together and you dont really understand what is going on until the scene is over. perhaps this is my dvd copie's fault. It's not the best looking of transfers (the night scenes are a real pain in the ass to see what is going on) but it isnt horrible either.

The dialogue is sometimes laughably cheesy but that is to be expected in this genre so it didnt bother me. The acting is damn good. though I think Garko seems to overact a bit at times (think "Blood at sundown" and you'll get the idea) but for the most part he is very good and by the end of the picture you feel sorry for him even though he is a merciless killing machine.
Everybody else does a good job as well.

Most of the musical score is forgettable except for the main theme which has children chanting (this piece of music works well in a few scenes).

this is one of Garko's better films outside the Sartana series.
Right on par with "Vengeance is Mine" and "10,000 for a massacre".

Great film! go find this gem now!


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Yes Garko ably displays he can equally play the sadistic bad guy as well as the ultra cool Sartana/Holy Ghost. :)

Can't remember too much about this  after one viewing about a year ago so i'll take another look asap. :D


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Watched this unusual SW tonight and it's a good one. Garko (who could be Robert Redford's stunt double) starts off as a good guy but slowly becomes a villain after suffering over his wife's rape/murder. Ivan Rassimov is his friend who notices the changes in his personality. I didn't have a problem with the score for the most part and found it very listenable. A lot of familiar faces are also on hand as various henchmen and gunmen.

The copy is from a widescreen dutch tape. The quality is decent and better than a lot of dupes out there.


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That's one of my favourites of all time ! I love this western so much ! I'm a very big Fan of Garko, and i think this is one of his best roles ! The soundtrack is so awesome... For me, this is one of the best westerns ever !!! 8)
Koch Media will release this on on the 19th October in the "Italo Western Enzyklopädie No. 1" with this one, Gentleman Joe, uccidi, A Sky full of Stars for a Roof and Roy Colt an Winchster Jack ! All of them uncut and restored !
Now, Cowards don't pray is the first time avaiable, since he was shown in the German Cinemas ! He wasn't released on VHS or DVD and he was never shown on TV !
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