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Author Topic: "No come down"-new film with 70's sexploitation star Christina Lindberg  (Read 4547 times)


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"No come down" ("Ingen kom ner", original Swedish title) stars Christina Lindberg, seen in swedish cult movies such as "Thriller - A cruel picture" ("Thriller - en grym film") and "Exposed" (Exponerad).

Watch trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SdM86oOU2g or go to official site at http://www.stark.se/ikn

Premiere: Early 2009


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Do you have any more info on the film madden? What's it about, which genre?



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From what I understand it is some kind of thriller/horror, but it's hard to find info about it. Looking at youtube comments it's obvious that people have taken interest in the fact that singer Gustaf Norén (of pop band "Mando diao") is in the cast. Though, I thought it was far more interesting to see that Lindberg is making (some sort of) comeback.

Anyway, I can try to make a (rather poor) translation of the Swedish lines in the beginning of the trailer, if it makes more sense for non-Swedes.

-"Jens, do you remember that time in the seventh grade, after gym class... When me and Alex locked you up in that box?"
-"And you just kept screaming..."
-"You f-cking screamed like a little girl"

And in if you listen closely in the end you can hear a voice whisper
-"Beat him to death" (or something like that)

If anyone has heard anything about the film it would be great to know, I'll see if I find more info and update...


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Latest news...

"No come down" will be shown as a short film on Göteborg international film festival. From what I can tell it seems they are showing a part of the film as a short, as they call it "part 2". (Unless they've shown the first part somewhere before??)

Anyway, here's some sort of trailer of the film found on youtube. (thanks to entxx)

Can give you some details in a couple of weeks, going to Göteborg to see it...


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