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C'era una volta un gangster (Marco Masi, 1969)

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It took me almost 15 years but I have finally found this 1969 Italian crime film starring Richard Harrison (by Marco Masi). To the best of my knowledge it was the last Italian cime I didn't have in any language. What started out as a low budget crime film almost seems to end up as a spaghetti western setting in the ending. The print even has English language credits at the end (with the title Gangsters' Jungle) leading me to believe this may exist in English as well.

Stephen Grimes:
Have you got the H&W dvd?

Only film i've seen by Marco Masi is IL SEME DI CAINO,a crime thriller with Isarco Ravaioli who also starred in a few Polselli movies.

Yes and it looks great. What other H&W's do you reccomend? POLIZIA E AL SERVIZIO DELLA CITTADINO looks great too. Roma la altra faccia della violenza looks terrible (incredibly dark).

Stephen Grimes:

--- Quote from: burningcity on 26 Nov 2008 - 21:54 ---What other H&W's do you reccomend?

--- End quote ---
Recently got SEQUESTRO DI PERSONA (Sardinia:Kidnapped) which pisses all over the US ntsc tape,also an early Riccardo Freda film titled CACCIA ALL'UOMO with Umberto Orsini which wasn't bad.

Some grabs from my H&W DVD...


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