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Author Topic: Trades  (Read 2078 times)


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« on: 30 Jan 2009 - 12:01 »


Bloody Moon - r2 DUTCH
After the Fall of New York R1
Rubbers Lover R1
964 Pinnochio R1
Cannibal Man R1
The Isle R2
Premonition R2
The Eye R2
She Freak / Taste of Blood R2
The Gruesome Twosome R2
Baron Blood R1 Cheezy Flicks
Jess Franco col 2 ABUK
Justine ( FRANCO ) R2
Eugiene the sory of her journey into perversion R2
Blood For Dracula R2 DUTCH
Pervert R2
Devil in Miss Jones 5 R1
Witchfinder General R2
Nostril Picker R2
Cat in the Brain R2
Cannibals R2
Salon Kitty R2 UNCUT
Tinto Brass Presnts the Erotic Short story collection 4 disc R2
DSevils Island Lovers / Night 'o the Assasins
Beast Must Die R2
Dr Terrors House of Horrors R2
Franco collection 1 (anchor bay uk)
Fu Manchu double Blood of Fu Manchu / Castle of Fu Manchu (optimum )
TRAUMA Argento Optimum R2
Graveyard Disturbance - Lamberto Bava r2 (dvd 2000)
Hell of the living dead / Rats (anchor bay usa)
House on the Edge of the Park (Shriek Show)
Orloff and the Invisible Man (arrow uk edition)
Return of the Evil Dead (anchor bay uk, still in package)
Return of the Living Dead 3 (cinema club)
Sadomania - abuk
Succubus - abuk
Zombie Flesh Eaters 3 (vipco screametime) sealed
Cannibal Apocalypse R2
Horror Express R2
Grip of the Strangler R2
Violence in a Womens Prison - R2 AWE
Grapes of Death - R2 Redemption
Bloodsucker Leads the Dance - Redemption
The Demons - Redemption
Draculas Daughter - Redemption
Neither the Sea Nor the Sand R1 Redemption
Night of the Hunted - R2 Redemption
She Freak / Tste of Blood - Sealed R2
A Taste of Money - VCX R1
Mario Bava collection - abuk
Norman Warren collection - abuk
Inferno - r1
Black Magic Rites - r2 Redemption
Nature Morte - R2 Redemption
Reservoir Dogs tin R2
Cool it Carol R2 Odeon
Flesh and Blood Show - R2 Odeon
Camille 2000 - Salvation ( original release with pink cover )
Dawn of the Mummy R2
Phantasm 1 - 3 Digital ent R2
Caligula and Messalina - AWE
Tenebrae - R2 DUTCH ( as Shadows )
Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals - AWE
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