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Author Topic: Blood Hunt / La noche de la ira (Javier Elorrieta, 1986)  (Read 4578 times)


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A brief review, copied from my blog.

A new doctor arrives at small Spanish village. Everything about the village seems weird: Most of the men are obsessed with hunting and gunshots are heard early every morning, while a black van constantly transfers drug addicts to Fabian's villa (named La Madrigera) that appears to be a rehabilitation center. The doctor tries to find out information about La Madrigera but hardly gets any answers. He gets too intimate with the local school teacher who is also Don Gonzalo's opressed wife. Soon afterwards he is captured, drugged and taken to La Madrigera along with the junkies. That's when he finds out that Fabian's mansion is actually a prison for the expendable drug addicts that are being used as prey for the blood-thirsty hunters of the village. This is the villagers' revenge for a bloody incident of the past where junkies killed a dozen innocents during a robbery.

Exploitation pictures rarely had such an original and gripping script as BLOOD HUNT. The story reminded me of OPEN SEASON although I believe this one had more depth to it. The first act of the film focuses on the weird incidents that lead the doctor to start investigating. As a result the action takes a while to begin. The final act of the movie is bloody and action-packed with the doctor leading the junkies and taking control. This is a pretty violent and nasty film although not a senseless one. It shows the makers actually cared about having a really good story to begin with. The mediocre performances of the actors suffer even more from the atrocious English dubbing while director Elorrieta carries out the film competently. In my opinion they should have remade this on a bigger budget, employing a better cast. Not that it was bad anyway. BLOOD HUNT is one of the obscure Euro-exploitation gems that deserve wider recognition as it's story is genuinely gripping and nasty. You should try locating a copy of this one.
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