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Author Topic: Gold Train / 30 Winchester per El Diablo (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1965)  (Read 2301 times)


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A ranch is burning down,and its occupants are being shot to pieces by a band of Mexicans,but just before they can finish of the last man,Jeff Benson(Carl Mohner) charges in on his steed guns a blazing.The Mexicans beat a quick retreat though they manage to take along a whole load of horses with them.

Benson and his new friend Jerry ride on into Canyon City looking for work.Canyon City is reeling from constant raids and harassment from bandit El Diablo's gang and to make matters worse the sheriffs untrustworthy son Victor Webb and his henchmen is causing further violent friction amongst the towns inhabitants.In fact Canyon City is running so scared that there is no-one left that is brave enough to risk moving rancher Randalls cattle ,because each time it seems that El Diablo is being tipped off ,the herd are stolen and the witnesses murdered.There's also the matter of a gold shipment to worry about,so predictably our heroes  Jeff and Jerry step up to the task.

This western is very American in style and Mohner is  quite a bland hero.The story is also a bit on the uninteresting side  but fortunately the sadistic El Diablo gang are there to liven things up somewhat.Things are also improved in a very decent finale involving an attempted train heist with Mexicans attacking from the outside,but also a rival interested party on board the train.

My rating an average 5 out of 10  :-*

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Gold Train

directed by

Gianfranco Baldanello (as Frank G. Carrol)


Carl Möhner, Alessandra Panaro, Ivano Staccioli, Antonio Garisa, José Torres, Mila Stanic, Guglielmo Spoletini, Renato Chiantoni

just watched this this evening on the old U.K. pre-cert tape, the film was presented at about 1.66:1.

I wasn't that impressed to be honest and found it quite hard to sit through.

There is an Italian dvd out but in Italian only with no English options, but is it really worth a fandub being done?


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