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Author Topic: Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (Joe D'Amato, 1980)  (Read 2232 times)


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I caught a screening of this one last week.... In fact I picked the Shriek Show DVD kinda by accident - I was initially looking for Porno Holocaust, but it wasn't available as the usual haunts, so I picked up ENOTLD as a consolation.... I've read an awful lot of negative word about this movie but I liked it... At two hours its a bit of a slog, the hardcore stuff adds a lot of fat to the movie, but it was not as obtrusive as I was led to believe... If I had seen this movie when I was kid, I would have been made up, but 15 years of hardcore porn just one click away of a search engine, has lessened the impact of this kind of thing on me.... But still, Laura Gemser is gorgeous and D'Amato really caught her beauty at its most ethereal. Gerorge Eastman is rather good too, he has real presence in the movie. Whatever the shortcomings of D'Amato's day-for-night photography, the film does have a strange dreamy atmosphere to it, and there's at least one extraordinary sequence, where Gemser and Eastman are frollicking in the surf as the zombies watch them from the shore... Must mention the brilliant electronic soundtrack, which to me sounded like a sickly and feverish Tangerine Dream. Yeah, I liked this one...

How does Hard Sensation work as a companion piece to Erotic Nights - does it look closely like ENOTLD ?
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