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Author Topic: Phill's Trades (and Wants)  (Read 1886 times)


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Phill's Trades (and Wants)
« on: 05 Nov 2009 - 15:05 »

Hey ya'll, shifting some DVDs and looking for the some too  :)

House by the Edge of the Park (EC)
Nightmare City (EC)
Effects (Synapse)
A Better Place (Synapse)
The Beyond (EC)
Cyclone (Synapse)
Night Train (Synapse)
Madame O (Synapse)
How to Kill a Judge (Blue Underground)
The Killing House (Blue Underground)
Street Law (Blue Underground)
Run, Man, Run (Blue Underground)
Fast Company (Blue Underground)
Red Lips double (Blue Underground)
Violent city (Blue Underground)
Africa Blood and Guts (Blue Underground)
Goodbye Uncle Tom (Blue Underground)
Mondo Cane (Blue Underground)
Mondo Cane 2 (Blue Underground)
Succubus (Blue Underground)
Girl from Rio (Blue Underground)
Shock (Blue Underground)
Savage Cinema from Down Under (Subversive)
Dust Devil (Subversive)
Christopher Lee Collection (Blue Underground)
Colt 38 Special Squad (No Shame)
Whisper in the dark (No Shame)
Devil in the Flesh (No Shame)
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (No Shame)
Emergency Squad (No Shame)
Last Round (No Shame)
Padre Pio, Miracle Man (No Shame)
A Man Called Magnum (No Shame)
Last Days of Mussolini (No Shame)
Open Letter to the Evening News (No Shame)
the Most Beautiful Wife (No Shame)
Story of Cloisturd Nun (No Shame)
Giovannina Long-thigh (No Shame)
St. Francis (No Shame)

And the catch, I'm looking for these!

Naked and Violent (Mya)
Hanna D (Severin)
Messiah of Evil (Code Red)
Eagles over London (Severin)
Hardware (Severin)
Night of Death (Synapse)
Stepfather (R1)
Prison (AWE)
Midnight Ripper (x-rated)
Christmas Evil (Synapse)
Screwballs (Severin)
Once Upon a Girl (Severin)
One Dark Night (x-rated)
Spasmo (Eyecatcher)
Eroticofollia (x-rated)
Slaughterhouse (NSM)
Red Monks (x-rated)
Eaten Alive (Dark Sky)
Nightmare City (AWE)
Absurd (Mya)
Frankenstein 2000 (Raro)
Vase de Noces (Camera Obscura)
Ghosthouse 3 (x-rated)
Ghosthouse 4 (x-rated)
Nightmare Beach (DVD Storm)
the trap (x-rated)
Man-eater (German steelbook of Anthropophagus)

Inspector Tanzi

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Re: Phill's Trades (and Wants)
« Reply #1 on: 05 Nov 2009 - 16:54 »

Man-eater (German steelbook of Anthropophagus)
doesn't that one go for a small fortune now?

"When I read the book of Mormon, I feel closer to Jesus Christ."


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Re: Phill's Trades (and Wants)
« Reply #2 on: 05 Nov 2009 - 17:50 »

Not sure, but I'd be willing to trade multiple NoShame discs that are going for silly money :)
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