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Only a mere 60 titles when you add these in.  MARK OF THE WOLFMAN would make 61.
The CR thread @ Bluray has covers for all existing & future releases, the guy does a great job keeping it current.  CR got 40+ titles out last year, but says these Naschy Blus will be out in 2017.  More Naschy news to come...

3 new Diabolik exclusive titles, up for pre order


--- Quote from: babybreese on 08 Jul 2017 - 20:39 ---3 new Diabolik exclusive titles, up for pre order

--- End quote ---

I'm holding off ordering Cry of a Prostitute until I know what version it is. The full length Italian version has scenes that have no English dub track, at least in all the versions I've seen. When I did the fan version I couldn't find any sources for the extra scenes in English so had to subtitle them.

Anyone picked up Cry of a Prostitute yet?

Dr Walpurgis:
The CR blu-ray of Chi Sei? (aka Beyond the Door) seems to have slipped out without any fanfare:

Needless to say, ordered in a heartbeat. God help me, I love that one. The film The Exorcist could have been. 


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