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Author Topic: The People That Time Forgot (Kevin Connor, 1977)  (Read 4079 times)


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The People That Time Forgot (Kevin Connor, 1977)
« on: 29 Jul 2007 - 05:10 »


Patrick Wayne, Sarah Douglas, Thorley Walters, Dana Gillespie, Doug McClure

Major Ben McBride (Wayne) goes on a search and rescue mission to find and bring back his friend Bowen Tyler (McClure) still lost in the land of dinosaurs. A small expedition is mounted to rescue him but the group runs into all manner of trouble including cavemen, dinosaurs, deformed sword weilding pseudo-samurai savages and a volcano god that demands female sacrifices. Excellent pulpy adventure movie.

Patrick Wayne (the Duke's son) is excellent as the chauvinistic former fighter pilot. His many confrontations with 'Charlie' Cunningham (Douglas) are quite funny as each tries to one up the other in terms of who is superior, man or woman. Wayne is a more commanding lead here than he was in the same year's SINBAD & THE EYE OF THE TIGER. He just wasn't convincing as Sinbad. It's a shame Wayne didn't do more fantasy adventure movies.

Douglas is also good as the feisty magazine photographer who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Douglas also sports Princess Leia buns on her head. She does get to put her hair down during the big finale when the girls are about to be decapitated. Douglas would screen test for SUPERMAN after this movie as would her co-star Dana Gillespie.

Walters is his usual chipper self portraying another great and batty character role as the slightly nutty Dr. Edwin Norton. Walters also gets in on the action with his fellow co-stars. Walters is always reliable and plays very odd and eccentric characters in his movies. He doesn't disappoint here.

Dana Gillespie is simply the hottest cave girl since Raquel Welch. Her breasts threatening to erupt from her 'barely there' top. A protege of David Bowie, she still sings today I gather. She also tested for SUPERMAN and lost out to Sarah Douglas for the role of Ursa. There is a hint that Gillespie's character Ajor, may have had some romantic involvement with Tyler.

McClure has what amounts to a guest appearance as you do not see him until towards the end. He is held captive in the Mountain of Skulls which is ruled by the vicious Nagas, samurai-like warriors who have hideously deformed faces beneath their masks.

Shane Rimmer has a very comedic turn as the bumbling pilot Hogan who must fix the damaged plane. As more pteradactyls pass over, he shoots them down then marks them on the side of the plane. All his scenes are peppered with humorous bits of dialog. He is incredibly loyal to the Major. Rimmer also returned for the fourth film in the series WARLORDS OF ATLANITS (the only one not a Burroughs story) as a villain along with John Ratzenberger who went on to play Cliff on CHEERS.

Frequent heavy Milton Reid has a role as the evil Sabbala and Hammer performer Dave Prowse plays the executioner.

One of my favorite movies I saw as a kid, it is still a favorite. The film sports an even greater sense of adventure than its two predecessors. A fine cast and very well drawn characters help enliven the film. There are less monsters on display here. Most of them are trotted out during the conclusion as the heroes are being "chased" by the live volcano and several different creatures including the sword weilding Nagas attempt to impede their progress.

The score is very impressive and really needs a CD release. I have a lobby set for both LAND and PEOPLE as well as posters. The film was shot in the Canary Islands and at Pinewood Studios. Love the volcano set and the Mountain of Skulls which is obviously a painting but the interior is quite frightening with the walls literally made up of thousands of skulls from victims of the Nagas.

Two memorable set pieces involve the attack on the bi-plane by a pteradactyl near the beginning resulting in a forced landing and the finale where the heroes fight it out with the Nagas, snake creatures inside a tunnel as well as a prickly monster in a cave adorned with stalagmites and stalagtites.

The MGM DVD is gorgeous. I have one small problem though. There is one scene missing that is present on a recording I have of it from television from back in 1980. It's basically an extension of a scene in the DVD. About a minutes worth of dialog that further explains the volcano god Nagarumata.

The film also won or was nominated for a couple of awards from the Academy of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror (IMDB says it was only nominated but I have read that the film did indeed win an award). Highly recommended if you like sci-fi fantasy adventure movies.


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Re: The People That Time Forgot (Kevin Connor, 1977)
« Reply #1 on: 10 Aug 2007 - 14:25 »

Pretty good,but really a slightly watered-down remake of THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT but at least they got away this time!


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Re: The People That Time Forgot (Kevin Connor, 1977)
« Reply #2 on: 11 Aug 2007 - 00:28 »

Yes, in that there were less dinosaurs but there was more adventure and cliffhanger situations especially the finale which packed enough action for several movies.
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