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The Loreley's Grasp / Las garras de Lorelei ( Amando de Ossorio, 1974)

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Inspector Tanzi:
Tony Kendall stars as the man hired to protect a girls boarding school from the Lorelei, a mythical creature that appears, tears up its victims and eats their hearts! The head of the school played by the beautiful Silvia Tortosa distrusts Kendall at first and doesn't like him near the girls.

He falls for another woman who it turns out transforms into the Lorelei, even though he loves her he knows he must put a stop to the carnage.

Though not as good as Tombs of the Blind Dead this is a worthy film from De Ossorio and some of the killings are quite graphic (you get to see chests ripped open and hearts torn out!) and there are some really nice atmospheric moments, the film is let down slightly by the creature itself which is really quite laughable but at the end of the day it probably adds to the fun.

Luca Canali:
I'm quite a fan of this film and have the special edition you pictured above. I think it's pretty effective for what it is and I even quite like the monster! Kind of reminds me of a cheaper version of Hammer's 'Reptile'.

The gore is a bit silly but keeps things lively.  Helga Line is very good in her role, and the film has a strange, romantic and haunting quality that lend it a horror / fantasy quality.  I would have liked to see more scenes in the Loreley's liar....a missed opportunity there.
I have the old WHEN THE SCREAMING STOPS tape withthe red flashes that warned viewers of impending gore shots :)
Thankfully these are not part of BCI's excellent DVD.

Michael Blanton:
It's been a while since I saw it, but I remember it having a nice Lovecraftian vibe.

This one is one of my favorites . I love the locations and the character of the blind man talking about the legend of lorelei . Also the sexy women . Helga line did alot of great films including black candles .  ::)


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