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Author Topic: El Puro / La taglia è tua... l'uomo l'ammazzo io (Edoarda Mulargia, 1969)  (Read 3187 times)


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I think that this title deserves its own thread! Got ahold of a fandub some months ago and I really like this fine & a little bizarre Spaghetti! ::)
And there's even some maniacs out there that regard it as Mulargia's best effort by far...any fans on here?

Oh, and to kick off another discussion: I heard rumours of various VHS releases. Can anyone confirm the existence of English, Scandinavian or Yugoslavian tapes...?


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I'm not a real fan of this outlandish movie

A while ago I wrote this review of it:


Luca Canali

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It's certainly an odd one...I really loved Gypsy's homo-psycho-sexual character though. It seems as though this was the one and only film that the actor ever appeared in. Mario Brega's[spoiler] kamikaze death at the end[/spoiler] manages to be amusing, genius and ridiculous all at the same time.


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Yeah, this one is really "special"! I'd like to add an original tape to my collection though (if possible)... :)
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