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Author Topic: Tomas Milian as Nico Giraldi dvd availability  (Read 9653 times)


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Re: Tomas Milian as Nico Giraldi dvd availability
« Reply #15 on: 31 Dec 2012 - 10:27 »

Subs for the four non-English friendly Giraldi films are on my website...

Delitto in Formula 1
Delitto al Ristorante Cinese
Delitto a Porta Romana
Delitto sul Autostrada

They all sync to the Federal DVD's released in Italy.

Subs for the last one, Assassinio sul Tevere should be up soon. Unfortunately I'm working with the SKY broadcast and NOT the Federal DVD so they won't match up. You'll have to wait until January for the re-synched subs to be posted, I've got the DVD on it's way via eBay... but I'm not at home for the holidays.

So, in a few days, that wraps up a very long project... It's been two years since I posted subs for Delitto in Formula 1. I may dig out a few more of these in the future to spare you the wonky English dubbing and hopefully retain at least some of that very Roman humour that really makes these films. I'm also curious to see what other crazy outfits and routines Tomas Milian has up his sleeve in in the other films (which I haven't seen)...

From crazed homicidal villain to comedic cop, he certainly ran the spectrum in his time in Italian cinema, that's for sure.

Brilliant, need to do a big order at Kult, will order some of these.

I watched the Delitto al Ristorante Cinese blu ray, fun but I understood about 20% of the dialogue. Will your subs work with that?

Actually, I have no idea how to get subs to work on my blu ray player, so forget that!! Doh!

Keep up the the excellent work.  :P
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Re: Tomas Milian as Nico Giraldi dvd availability
« Reply #16 on: 31 Dec 2012 - 10:59 »

Hi Broonage, I had no idea Delitto al Ristorante Cinese was out on blu-ray! I guess this really proves how popular the Corbucci/Milian films are in Italy  ::)

I have no idea how to go about applying subs to a blu-ray disc but, if you check out the '4 Flies...' thread here at LLL a couple of people have managed to apply my fansubs to the Koch disc - I would definitely suggest contacting one of them - I think it was DementedUK?

Assassino sul Tevere/Murder on the Tiber subs are almost finished, bringing this project to its first conclusion. Subs for the remaining films will follow but, at least for now, they're all English friendly either with subs or wonky dubs.

As always, I would recommend buying the DVD's (or Blu-Rays!) and slipping a subbed DVDR in the same case - Of course, that's only if you really like them that much - I can understand that they aren't everyone's cup of tea and a lot of people may simply be curious to see them. Don't make the mistake of thinking these films are prime Eurocrime - the settings and plots might be - but the delivery and overall feel of these films (certainly the 'Delitto...' series) are primarily comedies at heart.

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Re: Tomas Milian as Nico Giraldi dvd availability
« Reply #17 on: 08 Jan 2013 - 11:58 »

Some of the early Giraldi films have been released by a german label called sunfilm. You can get them on Amazon. The DVD's have the english dub on them but no english subtitle options.

The title so far are

The Gang that sold America
Little Italy

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